2018 Tournament Results:

Championship Bracket:

  1. Chaska Blue [John, Jason, Ford]
  2. Kastpinnar Kings [Phil & Chris]
  3. Skol [Evan & Pat]

Silver Bracket:

  1. The Kubbing Projekt [Brian & Bridget
  2. Los Padres [Dave, Ethan, Grant]
  3. Baseline Buds [Chris & Steve]

Bronze Bracket:

  1. New Kubbs On The Block [Bret, Damian, Nate]
  2. Kubbfellas [Adam & Demian]
  3. 12 Years & Counting [Aaron & Roberta]

Team Nerd Herd, a Relay for Life team, hosts the Annual Kubbing to Kick Cancer Tournament to raise money on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Event occurs the 2nd Saturday in June.

We would like to invite you to join us for a day of family friendly competition with the goal of raising money to kick cancer.