Veterans Memorial Park
201 7th Street NW
Kason MN 55944

The parking lot is located in the center of the park.  To the South, is the Aquatic Center.  To the West and North West, are softball fields.  North of the parking lot is a youth football field which will become prime grounds for 24 kubb pitches on the day of the tournament.  Around 9AM the Aquatic Center opens; the parking lot may begin to fill up as kubb’ers and pool goers compete for parking spaces.

Please do not park any vehicles on any grass areas within the park.

There is limited shade in the area of the pitches.  We recommend bringing a tent or an easy-up for protection from the sun or rain.

There are two port-a-potties located near the kubb pitches.  There are traditional bathrooms located on the East side of the Aquatic Center building.  You do not need to enter the gated pool area to access the these restrooms.

Food will be available for sale by Triple T BBQ Team.